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June 24, 2016

Town Residents/Property Owners

This letter is to provide information on the programs that the Town of Fromberg are engaged in regarding FEMA Flood Insurance Program and your local Zoning Ordinance.

Since 1979, the Town of Fromberg has been a partner with the Federal Emergency Management Administration, providing flood information services as well as providing the necessary permits and guidance for development in areas within our town that have been designated as being in a flood zone. There are various ratings and each has its’ own set of requirements for development of these areas.

The Town of Fromberg has available at the Town Hall, permit applications, information brochures and other resources to assist you.

The Town of Fromberg has its’ own Zoning Ordinances and is available at Town Hall or online. (SEE TITLE 10 OF THE FROMBERG MUNICIPLE CODE) The Flood Program information is also on this website. (SEE BELOW)

The main purpose of this letter is to convey to everyone that BEFORE any building or development is to be conducted on any property within the town limits, you should pick up a packet at Town Hall that will give you information to help you proceed with your project. Not doing so could result in costly expenses that would have been avoidable by becoming informed.

Like it or hate it, Fromberg has requirements for development in the form of zoning regulations. FEMA, a federal agency, has requirements for development in the form of various Flood Area Restrictions. The County and State have regulations that may affect your development also.

From the Towns’ perspective we just want to help you obtain the best outcome for your projects, without undo setbacks because of a lack of information.

Some of the things in these rules and regulations are mandated that we and you comply. Others, such as the Towns’ zoning, can be modified and updated by the local people and your Town Council. Please get informed and get involved in your town.

We hope this information is useful to you.

Should you have any questions or need further information, please contact us at (406) 668-7383.


Town of Fromberg



The DNRC website has a host of information and tools designed to help the public and the local Floodplain Administrator (FPA):

Here is the link to the website

There are a few specific items on the website:

• The Joint Application Form, the most up to date version of the form is available for you to download and/or save.

• The Joint Application Form Instructions, this sister document to the application is invaluable. The instructions also contain additional information about the requirements for the 310 and 404 requirements.

• Submittal Requirements for Floodplain Permit Applications,  This form is designed to outline the specific types of information and data that is required for all floodplain permit applications whether it is a bridge, bank stabilization project, house, etc..  It also outlines the specific statements that are needed form the project engineers.


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