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Monday, March 7, 2016

7:00 PM


Mayor Richard Anderson called the meeting to order and opened with the Pledge Of Allegiance.  Town council members present: Jim Perkins and Tim Nottingham. Shirley Miller was ill. Attorney Hope Freeman was out of town. PWD Mike Ventling, Chief of Police Ralph Dawson, Town Clerk Brenda Kansala were present.


Review and Adopt Agenda: Motion by Perkins and seconded by Nottingham to adopt the agenda as written. Approved unanimously.


Letter of Interest For Council Seat: Lula Price gave her letter of interest to council. Council Member Shirley Miller submitted a letter for Lula Price to fill the council seat vacancy. Council appointed Lula Price to fill this vacant seat.


Oath  of Office for Council Seat: Lula Price read her Oath Of Office aloud and was sworn in by Mayor Richard Anderson. She will hold this seat until December 31, 2017.


Minutes: Motion by Nottingham and seconded by Perkins to accept the minutes of the Regular Town Council Meeting February 1, 2016. Approved unanimously.


Bills: Motion by Perkins and seconded by Nottingham to accept the bills as written. Approved unanimously.


Employee Reports:

Clerk report was read aloud by town clerk. Council received usage/billing summary, billing journal summary, accounts receivable summary, collections history, tax voucher detail, revenue voucher detail, combined check register as reports. The Bank of Bridger statement will be late as it is now getting mailed out of Iowa. The statement of expenditure budget vs actual and statement of revenue budget vs actual are at the end of the agenda items to go with the 2015-2016 budget. Motion by Perkins and seconded by Nottingham to approve clerk report. Approved unanimously.


Public works report by Mike Ventling: Replaced culvert in alley at Mine Spur Loop, need more gravel, need to add pipe at baseball field, jetted at lagoon, replaced fuel pump on jetter truck, degreased manholes at upper end of West River Street and need more degreaser, did compliance inspection for Rural Development, need camera for sewer with possible split between Fromberg, Bridger and Joliet possible cost $12,000. Rural Development said possible grant funds available. Nate Wilm did go to the Great Falls Water Conference February 16, 17 and 18 and did well. Discussion held on getting a Town credit card. Josh Jabalera from Midwest Assistance Program is going to run a smoke test in four sewer lines that go under the main ditch. Motion by Perkins and seconded by Nottingham for Ventling to purchase six loads of gravel. Approved unanimously. Motion by Nottingham and seconded by Perkins to get a Town credit card with a $2500. credit line. Approved unanimously. Discussion held on bulk water plant and new water well. Motion by Perkins and seconded by Nottingham to approve PWD report. Approved unanimously.


Police report by Chief Ralph Dawson: Discussion held on welfare checks, trespass, unfounded theft, broken windows, reunited 12 year old girl with parents, vandalism, agency assists, domestic issues, animal control calls, assaults, report of chemical smell, motor vehicle violations of speeding, proof of insurance, registration and drivers license, stop sign, parking and unsafe operation of vehicle. Dawson asked council to approve $20. practice ammo for month of February. Discussion held on used  vehicles. Motion by Nottingham and seconded by Perkins to approve $20. for practice ammo. Approved unanimously. Motion by Nottingham and seconded by Perkins to approve police report. Approved unanimously.


Correspondence: Council discussed letter received from Vicki Boyd requesting permission from council to place some taller curb stops at her expense in front of her building at 113 West River Street because vehicles have jumped the small curb stops and her property has been damaged several times. Discussion held. Motion by Nottingham and seconded by Perkins to approve the parking blocks with PWD Ventling approval.  Approved unanimously. Discussion held on letter from Pace Infrastructure Systems regarding municipal maintenance contract.


Republic Services: Julia Jones asked council what date the town would like to have Spring Cleanup. Discussion held. Motion by Perkins and seconded by Nottingham to have Spring Cleanup Friday, Saturday and Sunday April 15, 16, and 17 with one truck on Friday from 8 AM to 3 PM and Saturday two trucks from 8 AM to 3 PM and Sunday two roll off boxes with dumpsters at the park all three days. Approved unanimously. Ventling said he has broken garbage cans. Julia said she will get him ten or more new cans sent to town shop.


Advertise To Lease Out Barley Field: Discussion held. Motion by Price and seconded by Perkins to place ad in newspaper for bids to lease out the Barley Field. Approved unanimously.


Ordinance # 264 Second Reading. An Ordinance Allowing For Angle Parking On Certain Streets In The Town Of Fromberg read aloud by Mayor Richard Anderson. Motion by Perkins and seconded by Price to approve this ordinance. Approved unanimously. This ordinance will become effective 30 days from today.


Appointment of Flood Administrator – Executive Stop Of  Resolution# 460: Discussion held. Mayor Anderson said received calls from persons from the state and after discussion with them has chosen to do a veto on resolution # 460 so we do not loose any funding money. Town will remain in  Flood Plan Program and he will be the administrator at this time. Council agreed with Mayor Anderson.


Zoning Committee: None.


Old Business: Mayor Anderson held discussion on sewer lagoon reports for Great West Engineering and Rural Development. Ventling held discussion on sewer lagoons.


Public Comment: (For those items NOT on the agenda): None.


2015-2016 Budget: Discussion held.


Next Regular Town Council Meeting Date: Monday, April 4, 2016, at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall of Fromberg.


Adjourn: Motion by Perkins and seconded by Nottingham to adjourn the meeting.  Approved unanimously. Meeting adjourned.