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Monday, July 6, 2015

7:00 PM



Mayor Richard Anderson called the meeting to order and opened with the Pledge Of Allegiance.  Town council members present:  Jim Perkins, Dave Flint, Tim Nottingham and Shirley Miller. PWD Mike Ventling, Chief of Police Ralph Dawson, Town Clerk Brenda Kansala and Town Attorney Hope Freeman were present.


Review and Adopt Agenda: Mayor Anderson suggested moving meeting agenda item # 12 Barley Field up on the agenda below # 6 Employee Reports. Motion by Flint and seconded by Perkins to make the change and adopt the agenda as amended. Approved unanimously.


Minutes: Motion by Perkins and seconded by Miller to approve the minutes of June 1, 2015. Approved unanimously. Motion by Flint and seconded by Perkins to approve the Special Meeting Minutes with Great West Engineering of  June 18, 2015. Approved unanimously.


Bills: Motion by Flint and seconded by Perkins to approve the bills as presented.  Approved unanimously.


Employee Reports:

Clerk report was read aloud by clerk. Council received usage/billing summary, billing journal summary, accounts receivable summary, collections history, statement of revenue budget vs actual, tax voucher detail, revenue voucher detail and combined check register from Black Mountain Software. Discussion held on write offs and certified letters which went out July 2, 2015, to some persons regarding delinquent bills along with MCA 7-13-4309 Procedure To Collect Sewer Or Water Charges which is a 30 day notice.

Council said will discuss again at next council meeting. Motion by Flint and seconded by Perkins to approve clerk report as presented. Approved unanimously.


Public works report by Mike Ventling: Ventling stated hydrant is in on West River Street and Highway. Discussion held on street patching and repairs, will be doing new hookups at 510 West River Street, received six loads of gravel at $50. per load, started discharging middle of June, Bridger loaning town their brush hog for use at pump house, and Sensus metering system reader quit working and could possibly take up to three to six weeks to fix and hydrant by school will be repaired. Discussion held on truck route. Motion by Perkins and seconded by Miller to approve the PWD report as presented. Approved unanimously.


Police report by Chief Ralph Dawson: Discussion held on: welfare check, vandalism, agency assists, alcohol sales and service warning, Two Bear floor plan approved by Department of Revenue, open container, animal control, Child Protection Services regarding 3 year old, disorderly conduct, curfew check, debris warning, speeding citations and registration/ drivers license inspections, parking and reverse U turns. Motion by Miller and seconded by Nottingham to approve police report as presented. Approved unanimously.


Barley Field: Mayor Anderson said the Town of Fromberg has had an offer of $17,500. for all ten acres and water rights of the Barley Field from Mark and Leza Vargas.  Mayor Anderson said he had talked to bank and property price could be six to seven thousand per acre. Discussion held. Vargas said they may also interested in a portion of the property. Council gave Mayor Anderson permission to proceed to negotiate with Mr. Vargas so Mayor Anderson can get back with council and Attorney Freeman regarding negotiations.


Correspondence: None.


Traffic Speed Signs: Discussion held. Ventling will check with Traffic Daddy regarding the cost of their signs.


Town of Fromberg Special Events Policy: Discussion held. Attorney Freeman will rewrite and have for the August meeting.


Ordinance 261-Eligibility To Office – Second Reading: An Ordinance Amending 2-1-02 (Eligibility To Office) Of  The Fromberg Municipal Code To Make It Compatible With State Law. Mayor Anderson read this aloud. Discussion held. A typing error was found. The change is: change city council to town council. Motion by Flint and seconded by Nottingham to approve this second reading as amended to correct the typing error. Nay by Perkins. Motion passed.


Carbon County Sheriff Dispatch Contract: Discussion held. Will keep on agenda for August meeting.


Zoning Committee: No business.


Old Business: Mayor Anderson said Harley Avenue stops at West River Street. Discussion held.


Other Business: Discussion held on meter reading. James Schuma said he wanted to be on record to thank PWD Ventling for helping Schuma locate property pins.


Public Comment: (For those items NOT on the agenda): None.


Next Regular Town Council Meeting Date: Monday, August 3, 2015, at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall of Fromberg.


Adjourn: Motion by Flint and seconded by Miller to adjourn the meeting.  Approved unanimously. Meeting adjourned.