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Town Survey Review

Town Survey Review

Open To The Public

Mon, April 3, 2017

6:00 PM

           Meeting Notes


Mayor Richard Anderson called the meeting to order and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Town council members present: Jim Perkins, Tim Nottingham and Shirley Miller. Town Clerk Brenda Kansala and Town Attorney Hope Freeman  were present.  Mayor Anderson asked who was going to be the spokesperson for the people who did the Town Survey. Shirley Miller was spokesperson. Mayor Anderson  handed the  meeting over to Miller. Miller said the survey was done at the suggestion of Tammy Taylor. Marge Taylor, owner of Leather Legends, said Shirley Miller typed the survey and businesses paid for postage to have it mailed out. Miller said survey was for interpretation of how town government and employees are doing as far as performance and attitude. Mayor Anderson explained he had surgery and could not be at last two meeting and postponed meeting until now. Survey results were passed around in audience.  Sandy Bauwens asked about paint marks on streets around pot holes and wanted to know if streets were marked for repair. Miller stated streets not painted by public works and not sure why were painted. Discussion held on streets since someone had mischievously spray painted potholes on the streets. Mayor Anderson said street department would not paint profanities on the streets. Miller called for questions and comments regarding the survey. Randy Wike, owner of The Little Cowboy Bar, asked if anyone knows what a filibuster is. Wike said he thinks the markings on the streets are a wake-up call to town council for putting things off. Wike said there is going to be more painting in the streets and a lot more “stuff” going on in this town and there has been a citizens advocacy group formed to discuss harassment and allowing of problems to go on and all falls into one giant can of worms. Wike asked about letters of correspondence. Mayor explained that will be discussed at the Regular Town Council Meeting tonight at 7 PM. Miller said 345  surveys were sent to persons in town and out of town in the surrounding area and 53 or 54 were returned. Mike Gentling, Town Public Works Director, said surveys were bogus as he had been told some persons filled out multiples of them. He discussed streets and town supplies and said to Wike if you have a problem with the potholes “man up” and come and talk to him about the potholes and said town people need to work together and not tear town apart. He stated he and Nate Wilma have worked hard above and beyond their job descriptions to help persons in this community because they care about the town. He asked who would like to have their families come into our town and see the profanity written on our streets with spray paint and it is just making people mad. Niki Elliott said surveys not a personal attack on Ventling or Wilm. She said she saw on the survey an employee who is a waste of money for the town and maybe money could be redirected to make streets drivable. Miller stated  Ventling and Wilm go on and beyond their job duties to help the town. Tim Nottingham discussed street repair funds. Miller invited all persons to come to budget meetings and budget workshops. Marge Taylor and Mayor Anderson discussed county money and tax money for roads and streets. DJ Allen told Marge Taylor you cannot stop trucks from going down county road. Discussion held. Carol Jones thanked Ventling and Wilm for all the help they have given her while her husband has been ill. Carol also stated her neighbor Sherri had a tree fallen in her yard almost to her house she called the mayor and Mayor Anderson and his wife cut the branches so she would be safe at her home Carol said Sherri never thanked them and complements should be given to them. Jerry Houghtaling asked about road shavings from the state on highway projects. Ventling said that is always already spoken for by the county. Niki Elliott asked about grading of roads and alleys. Discussion held. Carol Jones asked about police training knowledge. Mayor Anderson said that is a question for Chief of Police Dawson. Mayor Anderson said he goes to all kinds of trainings. Niki Elliott suggested passing heavy police cases to county when fresh. Discussion on who hires police officers and what are qualifications. Daisy Hoffman asked how council feels about survey. Mayor Anderson said answers on the survey do not surprise him. Discussion held. Mayor Anderson asked what is expected from the survey? Marge Taylor said she thinks two persons from each side should be on the police commission and on the work. Taylor said she is not happy with how the mayor is boss to his employees. Miller said the most comments on the survey were in regards to the police department and said persons do not feel it is right for him to sit in his office all day except when he goes to lunch. Nate Wilm said he and Ventling got the same review with bad attitudes and wages are too high. Discussion held on police committee in the works. Don Handeland said he feels public works is doing good job. He asked about the painting of the streets if if it was vandalism. The answer was yes. Tim Nottingham discussed police policies and procedures and he is working with Town Attorney Hope Freeman and will bring to council. He also discussed adhoc committee and standing committee. Mayor Anderson recessed the meeting.