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Monday, May 2 , 2016

7:00 PM


Mayor Richard Anderson called the meeting to order and opened with the Pledge Of Allegiance.  Town council members present: Jim Perkins, Tim Nottingham, Shirley Miller and Lula Price.  PWD Mike Ventling, Chief of Police Ralph Dawson, and Attorney Hope Freeman were present. Town Clerk, Brenda Kansala, was at Montana Clerk Institute in Billings.


Review and Adopt Agenda: Motion by Perkins and seconded by Nottingham to accept the agenda as written. Approved unanimously.


Minutes: Motion by Price and seconded by Perkins to accept the minutes of the Regular Town Council Meeting April 4, 2016. Approved unanimously.


Bills: Motion by Perkins and seconded by Nottingham to accept the bills as presented. Approved unanimously.


Employee Reports:

Clerk report was read aloud by Mayor Richard Anderson. Council received usage/billing summary, billing journal summary, accounts receivable summary, collections history, tax voucher detail, revenue voucher detail, combined check register, and Bank of Bridger and Valley Federal Credit Union bank statements as reports. The statement of expenditure budget vs actual and statement of revenue budget vs actual are at the end of the agenda items to go with the 2015-2016 budget review. Motion by Miller and seconded by Nottingham to accept clerk report as presented. Approved unanimously.


Public works report by Mike Ventling: Discussion held on Swisher 60” cut three blade pull behind mower for $1,000. Working with American on well. Discussion on lawn sweep, camera for sewer, smoke testing of sewer lines, sander and meter reading system. Motion by Miller and seconded by Perkins to approve PWD report. Approved unanimously.


Police report by Chief Ralph Dawson: Discussion held on welfare check, trespass, theft, agency assists,

domestic issues, animal control, youth detention transport, call out loud music, report of “bikers” harassing motor vehicle, call out structure fire/fatality, waste oil dumping, battery charger theft, citation for no insurance and expired registration, warnings for reverse u-turn and non working headlight. Sheriff recommended town budget for MDT computer and support program unknown if will receive grant money cost is $3,000. Discussion on meetings attended. Requested $20. for practice ammo and gave council budget information for next year. Motion by Nottingham and seconded by Miller to approve $20. for practice ammo request. Approved unanimously. Motion by Price and seconded by Nottingham to approve police report. Approved unanimously.


Correspondence: Received copy of opinion letter from Attorney Hope Freeman which she sent to Rural Development as they requested indicating the town of Fromberg is formed under Section 7-3-201, MCA which provides for a commission-executive form of government.


Great West Engineering – Water Well Project: Discussion held on addendum to water well contract from Great West Engineering, Amendment No.2 to Owner-Engineer Agreement, Engineer Project No. 2-09106. Questions were asked by James Schuma. More discussion held. Motion by Nottingham and seconded by Perkins to approve the agreement with Great West Engineering and move forward on the water well. Approved unanimously.


Opening Of  Bids For Barley Field Lease: Mayor Anderson opened the only sealed bid the town received. The deadline for bids was  Friday, April 29, 2016 by 5 PM. The sealed bid was from Nathan Wilm and Mike Ventling was for $200.00 a year. Motion by Nottingham and seconded by Miller to approve this bid of $200. a year to lease the Barley Field for cutting hay only. Approved unanimously.


Zoning Committee:  Chief Dawson said Steven Soelter came into his office today asking to put up a portable canvas car port. Council said it would be alright.


2016 – 2017 Preliminary Budget: Attorney Hope Freeman gave to council a letter stating her budget to remain the same for 2016-2017 not asking for additional compensation under her contract. Mayor gave to council a preliminary budget and discussion held. Council will hold a budget workshop June 1, 2016, at 7 PM.


Old Business: None.


Public Comment: (For those items NOT on the agenda):  Ventling discussed OSHA Inspection which took place Tuesday, April 19  while he was in Salt Lake and waiting back for report.  Discussion on sewer.


2015-2016 Budget: Discussion held. Motion by Nottingham and seconded by Price to authorize PWD Ventling to purchase mower for $1000. with funds coming from the Public Works Fire Protection Maintenance and Repair account. Approved unanimously. Discussion on Dawson budget. Discussion on neighborhood watch.


Next Regular Town Council Meeting Date: Monday, June 6, 2016, at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall of Fromberg.


Adjourn: Motion by Perkins and seconded by Nottingham to adjourn the meeting.  Approved unanimously. Meeting adjourned.