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Monday, July 11, 2016

7:00 PM


Mayor Richard Anderson called the meeting to order and opened with the Pledge Of Allegiance.  Town council members present: Jim Perkins, Tim Nottingham, Shirley Miller and Lula Price.  PWD Mike Ventling, Chief of Police Ralph Dawson, Town Clerk Brenda Kansala and Attorney Hope Freeman were present.


Mayor Anderson held a moment of silence for Mayor of Bridger, Scott DeRudder, who passed away.


Review and Adopt Agenda: Motion by Nottingham and seconded by Miller to move the Zoning Committee up on the agenda under Employee  Reports. Approved unanimously. Motion by Perkins and seconded by Price to accept the agenda as changed. Approved unanimously.


Minutes: Motion by Price and seconded by Perkins to accept the minutes of the Regular Town Council Meeting of June 6, 2016. Approved unanimously.


Bills: Motion by Nottingham and seconded by Perkins to accept the bills as presented. Approved unanimously.


Employee Reports:

Clerk report was read aloud by town clerk. Council received usage/billing summary, billing journal summary, accounts receivable summary, collections history, tax voucher detail, revenue voucher detail, combined check register, copy of  Bank of Bridger and Valley Federal Credit Union bank statements,  statement of expenditure budget vs actual and statement of revenue budget vs actual as reports. Council also received a certificate maturity notice from the Valley Federal Credit Union. Discussion held.

Motion by Perkins and seconded by Miller to accept the clerk report as presented. Approved unanimously.


Public works report by Mike Ventling: Discussion held on well work done, painting of Town Shop and Town Hall, labor shared with Bridger employees and paved in Bridger last week and will pave in Fromberg week of July 25 and will need four loads of hot mix. Gravel has been approved. Discussion held on clothing, meter reading system and lawn sweep. Mayor and public works will meet with Chad Hanson from Great West Engineering Tuesday July 12 at 10 AM on the new well. Motion by Miller and seconded by Nottingham to accept PWD report. Approved unanimously.


Police report by Chief Ralph Dawson: Discussion held on welfare check, theft of services, harassment, vandalism, agency assists, temporary protection violation, DUI and open container, animal control, civil service, proof of insurance, vin inspection, stop sign violation, parking and U-turn violations and unsafe operation of a vehicle. Discussion on trainings attended and upcoming trainings. Turned in purchase order for practice ammo $20. Replaced fuel pump on Tahoe $700. Discussion held on service of police Tahoe, different vehicle for police department, reserve police officer and a  Citizens Committee. Motion by Nottingham and seconded by Price to appoint Shirley Miller as chairman of Citizens Committee to get citizens together and get with Attorney Freeman to review ordinances and town codes and to publicize when having meetings. Approved unanimously. Nottingham said he has not made any progress on Police Policies and Procedures Committee yet but has talked to several people. Motion by Nottingham and seconded by Price to accept police report and the purchase of practice ammo. Approved unanimously.

Zoning Committee: Annette Anderson presented to council the Bob McNeiley plan for his new manufactured  home on a permanent foundation at 17 Benson Drive. Discussion held.  Motion by Nottingham and seconded by Price to approve this zoning application with the following conditions written up by Annette Anderson member of the zoning committee. Mr. McNeiley will work with Tom Kohley of the Carbon County DES and the Fromberg Fire Department to insure the proper permits are obtained and instructions followed to meet the requirements necessary to remove the old home presently on the property. Mr. McNeiley will have the site cleared of debris and prepared for the new home as quickly as possible and that the debris will be properly disposed of following Tom Kohley's guidelines. Approved unanimously.


Correspondence: Mayor Anderson discussed  letter sent out to all homeowners which provides information on the programs that the Town of Fromberg are engaged in regarding FEMA Flood Insurance Program and your local Zoning Ordinance. Mayor Anderson read aloud a letter from Tammy Taylor  giving an example of survey for Town of Fromberg employees pay raises.  Mayor Anderson explained pay raise coming up is for cost of living raise. Discussion held on mailing out a voluntary survey. Mayor will look up old survey.


Cheryl Lynn Tatum – Fireworks:Mayor Anderson read aloud a letter from Ms. Tatum unhappy with how many days fireworks were aloud over the 4th of July weekend. Discussion held. Mayor Anderson said 4th of July fireworks policy will be posted each year from now on and thanked Ms. Tatum for bringing that to council attention.


Hope Freeman – Approval of Personnel Policy: Attorney Freeman made revisions to the personnel policy suggested by MMIA Insurance Company. Clerk did send revisions to MMIA for review and have been approved. Discussion held. Motion by Price and seconded by Perkins to approve the changes as written on the Personnel Policy. Approved unanimously.


ADA (Americans With Disability Act): The completion and adoption of this ADA Inventory and Transition Plan for the Town of Fromberg is a requirement for CDBG funding for the sewer. Page 2 of the document needs to be signed by mayor and council after council adopts it. Motion by Miller and seconded by Nottingham to adopt the ADA Plan. Approved unanimously.


Fromberg Days – Fire Department: Mike Ventling said Fromberg Days will be August 27th at the Municipal Park with a pig roast and turkeys at 2 PM at baseball fields, parade at noon, gun and bow raffle, horse shoe tournaments at the park and dunk booth. Annette Anderson said school will be open for 100 year anniversary self tour and Clarks Fork Valley Museum will also be open.


2016 – 2017 Preliminary Budget: Mayor Anderson gave handouts of the 2017 Preliminary Operating Budget, wage dispersment 2016-2017, fund report 2016-2017 and projected fund changes. Discussion held on budget and revenues brought in. Motion by Nottingham and seconded by Price to approve the 2016-2017 preliminary budget. Approved unanimously.


Old Business: Mayor stated  sometime this year he is going to stop doing town website and domain name as not feasible. Discussion held.


Public Comment: (For those items NOT on the agenda): Ilsa Dawson discussed crosswalk on highway and speeding autos.


Next Regular Town Council Meeting Date: Monday, August 1, 2016, at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall of Fromberg with a public hearing on 2016-2017 Preliminary Budget from 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM.


Adjourn: Motion by Nottingham and seconded by Perkins to adjourn the meeting.  Approved unanimously. Meeting adjourned.