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Monday, April 4 , 2016

7:00 PM


Mayor Richard Anderson called the meeting to order and opened with the Pledge Of Allegiance.  Town council members present: Jim Perkins, Shirley Miller and Lula Price. Tim Nottingham was ill.  PWD Mike Ventling, Chief of Police Ralph Dawson, Town Clerk Brenda Kansala and Attorney Hope Freeman were present.


Review and Adopt Agenda: Motion by Perkins and seconded by Price to adopt the agenda as written. Approved unanimously.


Minutes: Motion by Perkins and seconded by Price to accept the minutes of the Regular Town Council Meeting March 7, 2016. Approved unanimously. Discussion on placing an ad in Carbon County News for leasing of the Barley Field with opening of  bids at May 2, 2016, council meeting.


Bills: Motion by Price and seconded by Perkins to approve the bills. Approved unanimously.


Employee Reports:

Clerk told council how congenial Brenda Buckmiller was as clerk observed Buckmiller stopping cars behind her on highway so children could cross at crosswalk. Clerk report was read aloud by town clerk. New water and sewer rates starting in March are in effect and the bills have gone out. Council received usage/billing summary, billing journal summary, accounts receivable summary, collections history, tax voucher detail, revenue voucher detail, combined check register, and Bank of Bridger bank statements as reports. The statement of expenditure budget vs actual and statement of revenue budget vs actual are at the end of the agenda items to go with the 2015-2016 budget. Motion by Perkins and seconded by Miller to approve clerk report. Approved unanimously.


Public works report by Mike Ventling: Ventling said meter reading system is top priority and  hand held from Master Meter is becoming obsolete. Discussion held after he gave council information for a new laptop MasterLinx drive-by reading system from HD Supply in the amount of $19,686.18. Discussion held on more funding and should have an answer by May 16th and could have contracts to review at June council meeting. Lagoon construction could start this fall. Ventling said possible grant money for camera for sewer. Ventling brought up discussion regarding Nate Wilm using own cell phone for public works business wondering if council wanted to reimburse him for use. Discussion held. Josh Jabalera with Midwest Assistance Program coming next week to do smoke testing on sewer lines free of charge. Town received CAT 130G grader for $3000. from county commissioners. Ventling needs new printer as screen cracked.  Discussion held. Motion by Perkins and seconded by Miller for Ventling to purchase new printer. Approved unanimously. Discussion on Wilm cell phone. Motion by Perkins and seconded by Price to approve PWD report. Approved unanimously.


Police report by Chief Ralph Dawson: Discussion held on welfare checks, three calls regarding civil matter, trespass, theft, vandalism, agency assists, animal control calls, complaint of unauthorized use of motor vehicle by 13 and 14 year old, complaint of contractors burning shingles at fitness center, adult female non violent issue with mother getting ride to shelter in Billings DSVS and APS notified, parking and unsafe operation of vehicle, parking issue on north side of West River along ditch, call out motor vehicle 2nd crash in two days pending re-exam. Dawson asked council to approve $20. practice ammo for month of February. Discussion held on used  vehicles. Motion by Price and seconded by Perkins to approve $20. for practice ammo. Approved unanimously. Motion by Perkins and seconded by Price to approve police report. Approved unanimously.


Correspondence: Everett Edwards received a plaque of commendation on behalf of the Town Council of Fromberg on Thursday, March 24. The local blacksmith and metal artist has been an important part of Fromberg's Main Street since 1966, making his 50 year tenancy the longest running in Carbon

County. Pictures and writeup were placed in the Carbon County News which ran March 31, 2016.  The town received a letter from Bridger Veterinary Clinic stating due to poor participation in the year 2015 they will not be having a dog clinic in April at the Fromberg Town Shop.


Susan Melker – Approval For Parade May 21: Mrs. Melker stated there will be no parade because of graduation the same weekend. The Tomahawk Car Show and Rod Run will be large with persons wanting to park along the highway and Mrs. Melker is requesting if Chief Dawson could possibly get some slow signs in the area the day of the event taking place from 11:00AM to 5 PM including cookout with music from 1 PM to 5 PM. Dawson said he will talk to DOT and report back to Mrs. Melker.


MMIA Employee Benefit Program: Council received health benefits plan to review for employees. Motion by Miller and seconded by Perkins to stay with same MMIA medical plan as last year.  Approved unanimously.


Zoning Committee: Discussion held regarding revised zoning permit coming from Lori Johnson at 24 Harley. Clerk to call her to suggest she call 811 for line locates and have survey done by surveyor to locate property pins.


Old Business: None.


Public Comment: (For those items NOT on the agenda): Annette Anderson with the Historic Preservation Committee said they are doing a 100 year Fromberg school anniversary project at the school. She has found books written by someone who lived in Fromberg and books written about Fromberg which are going to be loaned out at the Town Hall of Fromberg. The first graduation class from Fromberg was in 1916. The Clarksfork Valley Museum this summer will have a display which deals with the 100 year Fromberg school anniversary.


2015-2016 Budget: Discussion held.


Next Regular Town Council Meeting Date: Monday, May 2, 2016, at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall of Fromberg.


Adjourn: Motion by Miller and seconded by Perkins to adjourn the meeting.  Approved unanimously. Meeting adjourned.